Commercial Property Finance & Advisory Services


Capital finance and advisory

Our funding and advisory services are designed to support property investors and developers at every stage – from project feasibility and funding options through negotiating the best possible terms, due diligence, execution and settlement. We can also provide in depth reporting and analysis to maintain your capital partner relationships, and ensure your long-term debt arrangements put your needs and goals first.

What sets our services apart?

We have long-standing, trusted relationships with major bank and non-bank lenders, mezzanine debt lenders, equity investors and offshore capital providers. This, combined with our unparalleled knowledge of commercial real estate capital markets, allows us to present you with highly competitive and efficient capital structures and terms.


  • Senior Debt Funding

    We can source bank, institutional, non-bank and private funding for your commercial investment property, or residential, commercial or mixed-use development project.

    For investments in office, industrial or retail properties, we can ensure you get the most competitive finance or refinance options, from a broad range of lenders.

    Choosing the right funding provider is critical in the fast-paced development market. We work at the forefront of changing lender requirements – including leverage, pre-sale requirements and industry specialisation. With this knowledge, we can overcome any potential issues with land acquisition, valuation uplift or notional equity, and perceived credit risks.

  • Stretched Senior Debt

    Stretched senior debt can provide more flexible funding if you need higher gearing than a traditional funder might offer. This can be sourced through a single lender with 'blended' interest rates.

    We typically work with institutional lenders to provide similar pricing to a combined traditional senior debt and mezzanine debt capital structure.

  • Mezzanine Debt

    Mezzanine finance provides passive capital secured by second registered securities, and is available for both investment assets and development projects. It is subordinated debt, which means the lender agrees to be a second priority on collecting debt.

    It generally takes the form of a secured registered mortgage over the land and registered charges over the borrower, which allows you to extend your financing to a higher loan to value ratio – up to 90 to 95% of a project’s total cost. This makes it useful if you have limited capital or would like to diversify your equity over multiple projects.

    We have deep knowledge of the mezzanine debt market, and work with capital partners to negotiate any sensitivities regarding acquisition compared with valuation uplift or notional equity. We can also assist with early equity release from a de-risked project and short term bridging requirements.

  • Preferred Equity

    Preferred equity is unsecured passive capital for development projects. It does not involve taking security over the land owning entity or taking a registered mortgage over the land, making it a more flexible option for developers.

    This also allows you to release equity from an existing project, or fund a gap in your capital requirements that cannot be met by senior lenders.

  • Equity

    Equity is active capital, and is available for development projects and investment opportunities. Finding the right partner is key, as this can be a long-standing strategic relationship.

    At Stamford Capital, we can access equity from a wide range of sources through our extensive industry networks, and can introduce a tailored equity structure for your needs.


  • Holistic Capital Solutions

    With our extensive knowledge and capabilities, we can help you make your property development opportunity a reality. Our retained advisory service includes capital structuring and sourcing advice, detailed feasibility and cash flow analysis, interest rate strategy and hedging advice, documenting and negotiating transaction documentation, and providing due diligence services to settlement.

  • Non-Traditional Funding Structures

    Australia’s increasingly sophisticated capital markets provide a range of alternatives for property investors and developers. We understand when non-traditional funding structures can enhance your credit profile, and can provide alternative financial products for your next commercial property transaction.