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Interest Rate Outlooks

July 2019

Since our last Outlook, interest rates have been reduced twice by the central bank. The second cut had forecasters divided as to the timing, but clearly the rate reduction had been fully priced ...

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March 2019

It has been a while since our last interest rate outlook paper (Oct 2018), and the landscape appears to have changed.

In our last Outlook, we tended to agree with a number of other foreca...

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October 2018

Dwelling Units approved



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July 2018

In FY 16-17 [1], fuel prices were 124c per litre on a national average, whilst diesel’s average at the same time was 125c per litre. In FY 15-16, they were 122c and 123c average respec...

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March 2018

We are at the at the end of quarter one 2018 and perhaps at a crossroad. The major global economies are witnessing growth and GFC is almost a forgotten blight on the landscape. Central banks are...

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August 2017

The current interest rate environment is benign with shortened periods of volatility, generally settling down within two to three weeks. This is a pattern which has repeated itself for the past 18mths...

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February 2017

Interesting, the adjective is defined as arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention, with synonyms of absorbing, engrossing, fascinating, riveting, compelling, spellbinding, etc...

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August 2016

Sometimes it can be hard to fight City Hall. The RBA has delivered a much expected interest rate cut and yet most of us don’t feel that bullish about economic conditions. An explanation for part of ...

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March 2016

Every day appears somewhat like Groundhog Day, when reviewing the RBA setting of its targeted cash rate. That’s not to say that there isn’t market volatility in the yield curve and fixed rates and...

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October 2015

Stamford Capital is pleased to provide commentary on the interest rate outlook from our strategic partner, Russell Maisner, principal of Global Treasury Risk Management Pty Ltd. As we arrive closer to...

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February 2015

The move by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) last week was largely unexpected by most RBA watchers and forecasters. We too, only gave the percentage probability of an interest rate cut at this time...

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May 2014

As we head into the federal budget with a conservative government at the helm, it would appear that the strategy of leaking bad news of fiscal restraint and austerity measures are having an impact on ...

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May 2013

Great to see the RBA delivered on a broadly unexpected timing of a 25 bpt rate cut yesterday. There has been no shortage of media coverage around interest rates of late and the timing of a ‘line bal...

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April 2012

Russell has over 20 years’ experience at a senior executive level in financial markets, specifically capital markets sales and treasury risk management. Russell has expertise in assisting clients wi...

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December 2011

Russell has over 20 years’ experience at senior executive level in financial markets, specifically capital markets sales and treasury risk management. Russell has expertise in assisting clients with...

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August 2011

Stamford Capital Australia is pleased to introduce a new strategic partner, Russell Mariner of GLA, a global markets and interest rate specialist. Russell has over 20 years’ experience in financial ...

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