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May 2015

Continuing on from the 2014 theme in real estate capital markets, in 2015 we have continued to see an increasing supply of available capital for Australian commercial property. This is evidenced acros...

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November 2013

With the end of 2013 fast approaching we thought it timely to provide a brief update on the capital markets and some detail on recent transactions closed by Stamford. Through the course of this year w...

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August 2012

Prior to 2008, the $2.6 billion structured capital market for commercial property was, in our experience, more liquid in sub $5 million exposures as opposed to larger mezzanine deals. This was a refle...

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February 2012

The early part of 2012 has seen weak sentiment in the commercial real estate market carry through from the later part of 2011. General business confidence is also low, particularly in those parts of t...

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October 2011 - A

Aggregation, what is it and how does it affect you? In recent times aggregation has become a serious problem for property developers and investors. The senior debt market has shrunk throughout the cou...

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October 2011 - B

The key point made in our August Stamford Insights was that the investment debt market has steadily improved through the course of this year. There are a number of active participants in the market (B...

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August 2011

Throughout the course of 2011 we have seen a significant increase in liquidity for commercial real estate investment finance. As global financial uncertainty continues, the domestic economy remains st...

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May 2011

Having recently returned from Asia we can re-affirm that there remains strong appetite for good real estate debt and equity deals in Australia. In fact, the general theme of the trip was that the Asia...

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December 2010

Many property developers and property owners discuss with me when “reasonable liquidity and pricing” will return to the debt markets in Australia. This is a very difficult question to answer but t...

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